Relevant & Important Information About Personal Injury Law So You Can Be In The Know

Options for Hate Crime Victims: What's Next?

Is your apartment up to Fire Code and what you need to know?

Loved One Injured in a Nursing Home

The Hidden Dangers of Winter Jackets & Car Seats

When Surgery Goes Wrong, What Are Your Rights?

Were You Injured Working in a Restaurant?

I Sustained Serious Injuries After a Slip and Fall, What’s Next?

The Importance of Proper Car Insurance in 2020

What Benefits Am I Entitled to After a Car Accident in NYC?

Routine Procedures Commonly Linked to Medical Malpractice

The New Smoking Age Limit Law - What You Need to Know

I've Been Hurt, Who Can Help?

Injured By Flying Snow/Ice From A Vehicle?

How Much Should A Good Attorney Cost: Factors that Affect the Price

Seeking Damages From an MTA Bus Accident?

How to Handle a Valid Insurance Claim Denial

Things to Know About Product Liability and Personal Injury

Talking to the Police Without a Lawyer Present

Hurt in Police Custody: Do You Have a Case & What Should You Do?

The Do’s and Don’t When Getting Pulled Over By an Officer

5 Tips for a Happy and Safe Halloween in NYC

Can You Sue the City if a Street Sign Falls on You?

How Can Event Data Recorders (EDRs) Improve Your Case?

Picking the Right Law School

Injured in a College Dormitory? Who's Responsible?

Talking to an Insurance Adjuster Without Your Counsel Present

Injured From A Defective Product?

Was Your Child Injured at Daycare?

How to Fight Insurance Companies When You Are Injured

Nursing Home Malpractice: Fighting For The Elderly

Avoiding Cash Flow Problems with a Good Credit Line

What Is the "Seat Belt Defense?"

Can You Sue your Surgeon when Lasik Surgery Goes Wrong?

Who Represents New York City Subway Passengers?

Medical Malpractice Claims

Winning Over Clients: Three Essential Tips

Client Satisfaction: Opening a Line of Communication

The True Importance of CLE Presentation

Credit Line: Long Cases That Delay Payment

The Cost of Practicing Medical Malpractice

Does Advertising for Lawyers Still Work?

Have you or a loved one been injured at a pool this summer?

The MTA Says the Police are Authorized to Inspect Your Bag But Do You Have the Right to Refuse?

What to Know Before Hiring an Attorney

How Do Mistrials Occur in Personal Injury Cases?

How Much Compensation Can a Victim Expect from a Personal Injury Claim?

What To Do if You Don’t Agree with the Adjuster on an Injury Claim?

Skydiving and Liability: Is It Negligence?

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

E-Cigarette Explosion: Do You Have a Case?

Were You Hit by a Train After Falling onto the NYC Subway Tracks?

Were You Injured While Riding a Faulty Citi Bike?

Medical Malpractice: Steps to Make Sure You Have a Concrete Case

What to Look For When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Can I Get into Trouble for Faking Online Reviews?

Does Your Car Have an Event Data Recorder?

Did Your Doctor Over-Prescribe Prescription Drugs? Know Your Rights...

What If My New Apartment Has Bedbugs?

What If I Am Injured On A Slippery Sidewalk?

Know Your Rights: Air Travel with Your Pets

Family Losses in Personal Injury Claims

What are "Damages" in a Personal Injury Case?

New York Drivers and Passengers Must Buckle Up

What is loss of consortium?

Lasik Surgery. Is it for you?

Who Assumes The Risk If I'm Injured In A Group Fitness Class?

How Binding are Gym Liability Waivers?

New York Scaffolding Law: What You Need to Know

The Dangers of Being an Ironworker

The Importance of Choosing a Certified Personal Trainer

School Zone Related Accidents: The Statistics And Safety Measures You Need To Know About

Is My Employer Required to Give Me a Minimum Amount of Sick Leave?

I'm Injured! Is My Personal Trainer Liable?

What is Sarcoidosis? The Rare But Incurable Disease

The risk of brain injury in soccer

Paralyzed due to medical error? Here's what to do

Bus Safety Advice to Give to Your Children

Top hazards in the construction industry

Why it’s important to take extra care when driving while pregnant

What can you do if a dialysis treatment leads to wrongful death?

Useful tips to enjoy your next Barbecue safely

Driving & Cell Phones, what is legal and what's not...

Tips For Safe Cycling in New York City.

Inadvertent harmful behavior while on Ambien?  Seek an expert attorney

This Fourth of July, Play with Fireworks, But Not Your Life.

Five Key Aspects of Crane Safety

When a gym may be liable for a member’s injuries

3 Safety Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In The Summer

Where You're Injured Matters: Premise Liability in New York

Faulty Scaffolding Can Pose A Threat To Construction Workers

How Drive-Through Fast Food Can Lead To A Driving Disaster

Three Reasons Not To Wear Headphones While Cycling

How New York City Is Combating Hit And Runs

Magician David Copperfield Sued For Negligence

Join The Campaign To Prevent Construction Falls: May 7-11

Can An Airline Be Held Liable If Your Pet Is Injured On A Plane?

Faulty scaffolds and worker injuries

What happens if a car hits me when I’m not wearing a seat belt?

Walking Around NYC? Follow These Tips To Help Avoid An Accident

If Your Child Is Injured At School, Can You Sue?

Three Things To Know Before Filing A Wrongful Death Claim

Opioid Makers Are Targeted In Large-Scale Litigation

Falls Become Focus of Construction Industry Safety Campaign

If A Trespasser Is Injured On Your Property, Can You Be Liable?

NY Changes Statute Of Limitations For Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

Accident Liability To Driverless Cars

AAA Study: Phone Use Dramatically Increases Crash Risks

High health risks for pregnant women in the U.S.

How do you prove a medical malpractice?

Shopping carts pose injury risk to kids

What are the consequences of distracted driving?

How landlords can prevent slip-and-fall accidents

Stocking your vehicle for winter safety

Undocumented Workers Have Rights When It Comes To Injury Claims

How safe are safety harnesses at construction sites?

Before you take me out to the ballgame…

Understanding Your Rights Following Construction Site Accidents

Is a personal trainer responsible for an injury at the gym?

Tiny Gestures Bring Smiles to Small Waters in the Rockaways

Applying the attractive nuisance doctrine to a liability case

Wall collapse at construction site leads to criminal charges

Bill aims to make catching distracted drivers easier

Andrew Smiley to serve as organization President

Defensive driving techniques all drivers should know

What is product liability?

Common medical mistakes health care workers make

When to seek a second medical opinion

Injuries from unseen dangers

Why are older people more susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents?

What are the risks of driving at night?

Children and lead exposure is not a problem of the past

The risks you may face as a hotel guest

How can you protect yourself against a misdiagnosis?

Understanding common birth injuries: part II

Understanding common birth injuries: part I

Is your job exposing you to lead?

Recognizing and reducing the cost of traumatic brain injuries

What is the concern over New York's hit-and-run laws?

Materials handling injury: a prevalent, but preventable problem

Moving into unchartered territory with self-driving cars

Medication mistakes: a common diagnostic error

Defensive medicine: an expensive and unnecessary approach

Avoiding possible negligence caused by long ER wait times

Diagnostic errors are a real and serious problem

The impaired driving problem and what is being done about it

The reasons parents need to keep informed about car seats

Fighting a common never event: retained surgical sponges

Never events: the disastrous but preventable health threats

Understanding the responsibility of landlords to protect tenants

Protecting temporary workers in the construction industry

Tips for sharing the road with large tractor trailers

Technology to help businesses prevent shootings

Tackling defenses to defective product claims

What are NY motorists expected to do around road construction?

Woman gets $4.25 million in medical malpractice case

We know it's wrong, so why do we still drive while distracted?

Scaffolding requirements in place to prevent accidents

Parents: Beware of back-to-school hazards for kids

Know your rights if you've been injured on a NY construction site

Guy I. Smiley to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Defective product or false advertising?

Yes, drowsy driving is a problem, but what can be done about it?

Injuries to non-citizens and non-residents of NYC: Part II

Making good care decisions starts with getting good information

Injuries to non-citizens and non-residents of NYC: Part I

I got hurt on a defective sidewalk: what can I do?

More regulations put in place to prevent crane accidents in NY

Holding hit-and-run drivers accountable is critical

Defective kids' products put New York families at risk

Tips to avoid summertime injuries

How an attorney can help if you've been hurt by a doctor

How personal relationships can affect personal injury claims

Construction workers: know the 'Fatal Four'

Trying to 'catch 'em all' putting pedestrians in harm's way

New York motor vehicle accidents: Several killed in head-on crash

Questions of liability raised after IKEA announces recall

What's the difference between unsafe and defective products?

A primer on New York boating accidents

Why is distraction so dangerous?

Springtime hazards to be aware of this season

Tort claims possible for death or injury at construction sites

Woman files product liability claim for bath mat injuries

Jury awards $11.6 million in New York medical malpractice case

Crane collapse continues the NYC string of construction accidents

Study on doctors who commit medical malpractice is published

Motor vehicle accidents involving death start off the new year

Trial to begin in defective product ignition switch case

Failure to diagnose heart attack can be medical malpractice

Increased construction accidents result in more injury claims

Medical malpractice claim looms after ejected woman died

Crackdown seeks to reduce deaths from motor vehicle accidents

Product liability suit filed by 200 women against WEN products

Doctor sues for medical malpractice losses from improper care

Safety is ignored as deaths rise at New York construction sites

Pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents on the rise

Medical malpractice judgment can generate a bad faith lawsuit

Owner may be liable for man's serious injuries from slip and fall

Product liability suits vs. power morcellators are consolidated

Construction accidents increase as city sees building boom

$9.1 million medical malpractice award goes to surgical patient

1 of New York's latest motor vehicle accidents injures 4, kills 1

Pacifier clips recalled as defective product for choking risk

2 men suffered serious burns due to alleged defective product

Teenager suffers fatal injuries after drowning at public beach

New York motor vehicle accidents: 2 hurt, 1 dead on Long Island

College student files medical malpractice claim

Construction worker killed in Manhattan elevator fall

Woman suffers injuries after triping on pallet, files lawsuit

OxyTOTE portable oxygen units onsidered defective product

Motor vehicle accidents can often claim multiple lives

Medical malpractice suit filed after alleged surgical error

Girl suffers injuries after shelf falls on her head at Gamestop

New York's 'Scaffold Law' and how it affects construction workers

1 of New York's recent motor vehicle accidents caused by a bear

The tremendous toll of distracted driving

Sick doctors just keep going to work. Wait, what?

When it may be time to put down the scalpel

Understanding the basics of informed consent

Is Congress going to reform the NHTSA?

Defective medic-alert device may have led to woman's death

Why physician bullies are a threat to patient safety

Massive defective airbag recall widened

The hazards of imperfect airbag timing

Manhattan the scene of yet another tragic construction accident

Understanding the hazards of treadmills

Why even a common IV is a matter of patient safety

The urgency of ensuring herbal supplement safety

Understanding the concept of settling out of court

Are you thinking about filing a medical malpractice suit?

Why motorists need to be especially careful over the coming weeks

Old New York buildings may be housing unsafe levels of lead

LaGuardia crash highlights need for attention to runway safety

Why guard rail safety is a pressing issue right now

Why plaintiffs may have an easier time in 2015

One critical reason why pregnant patients remain at risk

Responding to confusion over drug safety in pregnancy

Preparing for a free personal injury consultation

Regulators to modify auto safety star ratings

Work with an experienced attorney in cases of premises liability

Regulations governing biologics are evolving rapidly

Construction accident in New York needs a professional to assist

Consumers, beware of buying products on Craigslist

What does your attorney need to know about your situation?

Parents: The most dangerous toys on the market may surprise you

The many ways customers can get hurt in New York City restaurants

Injured clients of personal trainers have legal rights

Assessing damages in Lasik and laser surgery errors cases

Preparing to drive safely this winter season

Construction accident injures two workers in New York

What New Yorkers should know about medical negligence

What after a New York construction accident?

Mom sues toy giant after son is injured by defective product

What do I do if I discover that a product I own is defective?

Thinking about safety in Central Park

New report discusses NHTSA negligence in GM scandal

If your child suffers harm while at day care

WHO calls for tougher regulations of electronic cigarettes

When product safety claims inspire investigations and vice versa

Wrong-way, head-on New York State Thruway crash kills two

Study illuminates CT scan risks children face



New York City comptroller aims to prevent personal injury claims

Stay safe when interacting with fireworks this weekend

Hospital's patient safety efforts provide model for others

Supreme Court makes an important decision about... fruit juice?

De Blasio's efforts to end traffic fatalities advanced by council

NYC is the deadliest large metropolitan area for pedestrians

Stay safe while traveling this busy holiday weekend

As Congress stalls, risk for defect-related car accidents remains

Andrew Smiley Quoted by Consumer Eagle for a Personal Trainer Negligence Article

New York nurse practitioner bill could affect patient safety

Honoring North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

Jury: Drug makers must pay $9 billion in Actos-related damages

Annual medical malpractice payout study released

Parents, an important car safety seat recall is lacking

Filing a claim related to injuries sustained at the gym

New York releases annual highway safety report

G.M. recall prompts former owners to ask tough questions

Should you use a bike camera on your commute?

Mayor outlines plan to end traffic deaths in NYC

Trying to level the drug safety playing field

Beware of ice falling from New York's skyscrapers

Falls now cause highest rate of spinal cord injuries

Why New York lawmakers need to crack down on reckless driving

Shopping carts severely injure thousands of kids annually

New York mayor aims to reduce traffic fatalities

Efforts aim to address safety issues caused by alarm fatigue

Do gym waivers prevent you from suing for negligence?

Two NYC students injured in chemistry lab explosion

Transparent error-related data is critical for patient safety

Please read before taking down your holiday decorations

Staying safe on New York roads over the next few days

Important construction fall-related safety basics for workers

Misleading marketing is leading to surgical patient harm

Massive DePuy hip implant settlement is announced

Holding those who injure or kill cyclists accountable

How burn injuries are affecting Americans today

Holding New York personal trainers accountable for negligence

New Yorkers: Avoid colored contacts this Halloween

New York City area teen kills three in head-on car crash

Toddler killed in Queens pedestrian accident

Terrifying accident involving SUV and motorcycles caught on video

Lawsuit aims to kick start backover accident safety rules

Most recent 9/11-related cancer statistics released

New Yorkers to be held liable for sending texts while stationary?

Nurse understaffing is a critical patient safety issue

Report ranks the deadliest American jobs

Update: NYPD crash investigation reform efforts

Five years of consumer safety progress under the CPSIA

Consumer desires influencing auto safety feature availability

When an ICU stay results in post traumatic stress disorder

Examining a month's worth of NYC pedestrian and cyclist accidents

Study on spinal cord injuries provides critical new information

New York's Lavern's Law will not be passed in 2013

How the New York Bike Share program can lead to safer cycling

Cumulative radiation concerns prompt study and outreach

Why New York distracted driving laws are surprisingly ineffectual

Cycling accidents: Most head injuries of all sports collisions

Resident hour restrictions for patient safety may be backfiring

NYC crosswalk culture: Will new bike share participants be safe?

The CPSC is tackling numerous child product safety challenges

Underreporting distracted driving fatalities skews the issue

Do warning labels belong on tanning beds?

Remaining aware of distracted driving risks is critical

NYPD crash language is finally changing for the benefit of all

Asbestos fraud concerns stir up questionable controversy

Is rewarding physician quality a viable patient safety solution?

NYPD crash investigation approach altered

Fatal accident rate among teens is spiking

Rate of misdiagnosis for pediatric stroke is high

Preventing blizzard-related death and injury

Subway safety contemplated by NYC officials

Surgical crisis patients can benefit from checklist procedures

New study indicates that medication errors are often kept secret

Hospitals can only be so green safely

FDA takes long-awaited action on all-metal joint replacements

Project Roadblock PSAs begin airing today

Wishing you safe household celebrations this year: Part II

Wishing you safe household celebrations this year: Part I

Traffic safety science and New York traffic fatality rates: Part II

Traffic safety science and New York traffic fatality rates: Part I

Be careful on the roads this weekend; it is dangerous out there

Be aware of flooded car purchase risk post-Sandy

New York hospitals now responsible for hurricane preparation

Words in the wake of Superstorm Sandy

When New York hospitals refuse to invest in malpractice coverage

Art on display in New York captures emotion of vehicle accidents

New York pedestrians: Look! where you are going

If the light's green, don't assume it is safe to proceed

FMCSA's New Criteria and its Potential Impact on New Yorkers

Asbestos Exposure: Cause of Mesothelioma and Other Cancers

When Fast Delivery Means Danger for Cyclists

Eleven Years Later, Cancer is Officially Tied to 9/11 Attack Aftermath

Majority of crash fatality victims have drugs or alcohol in their blood

Pedestrians: Cross at the Intersection or Risk a Severe Accident

Vehicle-Bound Jobs Are Riskier than You Might Think

Cycling Safety Culture in NYC Is Starting to Change: Part II

Cycling Safety Culture in NYC Is Starting to Change: Part I

NYC Safety Bill Focuses on Crash Investigation Negligence

New Bill Limits Funding For Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Programs

Congress Passes Bill Requiring Safety Grades for Public Buses

Slip & Fall on Snow and Ice Injury Lawsuits - Who is Responsible?

Prayer Versus Medical Care - Negligent Parents Let Their Daughter Die Before Their Eyes

Hospital Employees Post Injury Photos on MySpace

Irish woman's family sues over deadly plastic surgery

Toyota Recall Product Liability Lawsuits

Subway Train Accident in Boston - Operator Stopped in Time!

Medical Malpractice Reform - Just Say No!!!

Andrew J. Smiley Wins $3.595 Million Verdict for Subway Accident Victim

Is "Octomom" Doctor Committing Medical Malpractice?

Woman who won a date is suing radio station for rape

Toy Recalls and Dangerous Child Products - Parents Wake Up!!

Jennifer Hudson - Does She Have a Wrongful Death Case?

Different Strokes fan files injury suit against Gary Coleman

$75K Lawsuit Filed for Veterinarian Malpractice

J-Lo's Dog Bites Jet Attendant

John Ritter's Death - Was It Medical Malpractice?

Carol Gotbaum's Family Sues Phoenix Police for Wrongful Death

Woman Suing Oprah Winfrey Show After Injury - is it legit?

Who should be held responsible for web chat room suicide?

Walmart Stampede - Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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