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5 Tips for a Happy and Safe Halloween in NYC

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Oct 31, 2019 1:58:00 PM

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Halloween in NYC


Halloween is a happy holiday for children and adults. The holiday falls on Thursday, October 31 this year. Children will enjoy the Trick or Treat part of the holiday along with the costumes. Parents will accompany children as they ring doorbells and wait for sweet treats. This is an opportunity to see children in the neighborhood dressed in their favorite costumes that may surprise you!

Here are five tips from Smiley & Smiley LLP Attorneys at Law to keep your family, friends and the neighborhood children safe when they visit your New York City area home.

1. Keep walkways clear. 

Your driveway and the walkway to your home, apartment, or condo should be clean and free of obstacles. Sweep up leaves, keep hoses and other yard implements out of the walkway, your doorstep and even the sidewalk in front of your residence. Keep all stairways to your door clean and clear. Use doormats or step mats for good traction if necessary.

2. Walkways, paths, and steps should be well lighted.

Children and adults need to see where they are walking. Use solar lights or LED strips to illuminate the pathway and any steps. Keep your porch light on. You do not need children or adults tripping on your property. 

3. Do not use candles for jack-o-lanterns or other decorations.

Use battery-powered lights for any decorations including carved pumpkins. Never use any open flames. Avoid flammable costumes for children and adults. 

4. Keep your dog and other pets in the house or in an enclosed yard.

Dogs and cats can get "spooked" on Halloween from all of the noise from people on the streets. Even the friendliest dog can become a problem with people it does not know. Cats should be kept away from people as well. They usually hide out in the house but they could decide to jump on someone or simply get in the way when you open the door for treaters.

5. Stay sober if you are attending a party.

Not everyone stays home on Halloween to hand out candy. You may be invited to a costume party. Drive very carefully since there are usually more people, especially children, on the streets during this holiday. Enjoy non-alcoholic drinks. You should never drive after drinking at any time and law enforcement will be on high alert during Halloween.


Following these suggestions should prevent any slip and fall or premises liability suits on your property. Have a Happy Halloween.


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