The Mentor Esq.

is a Podcast for lawyers and aspiring lawyers hosted by Andrew J. Smiley, Esq. This podcast is accredited by the NYS Academy of Trial Lawyers. Earn CLE credits by listening!

New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers



Andrew J. Smiley, Esq.

Partner, Smiley & Smiley, LLP.

A practicing personal injury lawyer with over 2 decades of experience working at the family-owned law firm, Smiley & Smiley, LLP., and is at the top of his field in law. Andrew is also a lecturer, leader, and is a Past President of The New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers as well as the Past President of The New York City Trial Lawyers Alliance. Please join the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers for tons of great resources and tons of FREE CLE! Click the link above to get started.

The Mentor Esq. is a podcast for lawyers hosted by Andrew J. Smiley, ESQ.


Season 2
September 8, 2020

Episode 3: Secrets of Litigating a Fitness Injury Case

Season 2
August 25, 2020

Episode 2: Roll with the Cowboys

Season 2
August 18, 2020

Episode 1: The Journey Forward

Special Editions
April 10, 2020

Special Edition: Crisis Management- The Corona Virus Pandemic

Season 1
December 10, 2019

Episode 11: Season 1 Final Thoughts

Season 1
December 3, 2019

Episode 10: Crazy Cats & Hot Nannies: Divorce Law w/ Aimee Richter, Esq.

Season 1
November 26, 2019

Episode 9: Killer Cross Examinations: How to Prepare and Execute

Season 1
November 19, 2019

Episode 8: Let’s Talk LGBTQ, Surrogacy, Family Protection with Anthony M. Brown, Esq.

Season 1
November 12, 2019

Episode 7: Powerful Opening Statements: How To Prepare and Deliver

Season 1
November 5, 2019

Episode 6: Triumphs & Struggles of Women in Law with Aimee Richter

Season 1
October 29, 2019

Episode 5: Talking Civil Rights and more with Royce Russell, Esq.

Season 1
October 22, 2019

Episode 4: From Broadway To Law School, A Journey Of Success with Anthony M. Brown, Esq. - LGBTQ Activist

Season 1
October 15, 2019

Episode 3: Cutting Edge Advertising for Lawyers with Marketing Expert Brian Cristiano

Season 1
October 8, 2019

Episode 2: 55 Years In The Law with Guy I. Smiley, Esq.

Season 1
October 1, 2019

Episode 1: The Journey to Becoming a Great Lawyer.


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