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How Much Compensation Can a Victim Expect from a Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury claim

The amount of compensation produced by a personal injury case varies based on a number of factors such as the nature of the accident, the damages occurred during the accident, and whose fault the accident was.


What To Do if You Don’t Agree with the Adjuster on an Injury Claim?

insurance adjuster

Personal injuries are unpleasant enough without the added burden of learning the adjuster has made what you believe is either merely a token settlement offer or has used incorrect information when making the offer. One option New York State offers is for you to file an official complaint via the Department of Financial Services.


Skydiving and Liability: Is It Negligence?

Topic: skydiving


If you're considering going skydiving, there are a few things that you should know before jumping. Skydiving is an exhilarating bucket-list activity for many but it is also one of extreme risk. Skydiving is currently at an all time high in regards to safety, with only 13 fatal accidents out of 3.3 million jumps in 2018.


Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

The decision to file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit can be a difficult one to make. You may worry about the time and expense involved, the personal scrutiny you may encounter, or the emotional toll it may take. It's natural to want to spend some time weighing your options and seeking professional advice, but be mindful that a statute of limitations often applies. Don't miss out on your day in court by waiting too long to file. Statute of Limitations



E-Cigarette Explosion: Do You Have a Case?


e-cigarette vapingThere is a growing concern amongst the public with regards to E-cigarettes, especially exploding ones and the fact that they are currently not regulated by the FDA. According to the US Food and Drug Administration,..."evidence suggests the explosions are battery-related. E-cigarettes have earned a dangerous reputation for exploding without warning."


Were You Hit by a Train After Falling onto the NYC Subway Tracks?

In many metro areas, there is a glass wall separating each subway station from the tracks. These barriers prevent objects from dropping or being thrown onto the tracks. These walls also deter people from stepping or falling onto the path of an oncoming train.NYC subway train tracks


Were You Injured While Riding a Faulty Citi Bike?

Since 2013, NYC residents have had access to Citi Bike's fleet of rental bicycles. All over the city, the bikes are parked at docking stations for renters to check out. Citi Bike's fleet includes 12,000 bikes parked at 750 stations with plans for future expansion. 

Citi Bike


Medical Malpractice: Steps to Make Sure You Have a Concrete Case

medical malpractice-1

Smiley & Smiley, LLP understands that you and your family's health are important. When medical malpractice happens, the results can be devastating. Inadequate care, negligence, and misdiagnosis can lead to detrimental and sometimes fatal results.


Can I Get into Trouble for Faking Online Reviews?

Topic: reviews, google

Online reviews and testimonials have become the new word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age, with over 80% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as in-person recommendations. This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to have high-quality testimonials not just on their websites but across a variety of third-party review platforms. 

5 star review fake google reviews concept


Does Your Car Have an Event Data Recorder?

Topic: data recorder

Your new car might have more buttons, displays, and sensors than you know what to do with. But among the useful technology like GPS and Bluetooth, you may want to check on a lesser-known device: an event data recorder.

car accident

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