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Examples of Scaffolding Accident Cases in New York

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Nov 1, 2021 8:24:18 PM

Scaffolding accidents can cause serious injuries that totally upend a family's way of life. To better illustrate what these types of cases look like and how they can resolve, in this post we'll share a few examples of scaffolding injury cases we've produced major results for clients.

A 15 Foot Scaffolding Fall That Resulted in a $1.2 Million Settlement

This case involved a construction worker who walked across a scaffold that, unbeknownst to him, had been partially disassembled. The construction management had not properly informed the crew nor properly put up warning signs around the scaffolding.

When our client tried to make his way across the scaffolding he fell 15 feet, ending up with several fractured bones as well as a traumatic brain injury.

Because we could clearly demonstrate multiple failures on the part of those in charge of the construction operation, the scaffolding lawsuit was successful.

A Scissor Lift Failure That Resulted In Injuries To A Construction Worker's Pelvis and Leg

Scissor lifts are valuable equipment on a construction site, but there are a lot of ways in which they are dangerous if safety protocols aren't followed carefully.

In this case, safety protocols were not followed, causing the scissor lift to tip over.

These injuries were serious enough to warrant a $9.75 million dollar settlement.

Aerial Lift Accident Causes Wrongful Death

At one point years ago a painter was working the night shift at the World Trade Center as part of the reconstruction project after 9/11. His job that evening required him to be on a 30 foot aerial lift that was supposed to be supervised.

Unfortunately for him, he was alone for his shift. The following morning, coworkers found him dead, crushed between structures near the ceiling and the lift. The lift had evidently overextended while no one else was around to help.

Because this was a clear violation of safety requirements for such a work setting, his family was awarded $5.05 million as a pretrial settlement.



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