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The Making of The Mentor Esq. Podcast

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Jul 19, 2021 5:31:01 PM

Founder Andrew Smiley had been practicing law successfully for some time when the concept of the podcast first formed in his mind.

He’d enjoyed teaching and preparation sessions with other lawyers, particularly in the exchange of perspectives and tactics that made everyone involved better. He lectured for CLE and was involved in trial prep boards, and found all of those things very rewarding alongside his trial career.

But as the concept of the podcast was first suggested, Andrew saw it as an opportunity to reach more people and create a deeper impact in the legal world.

Many lawyers aren’t taught trial skills in law school or thereafter as they begin their careers, and they’re often looking for advice and mentorship. The last thing any lawyer wants is to feel unprepared in court.

Thus far, The Mentor Esq. podcast has covered a wide variety of legal topics, including:

  • How to prepare for trials, gather and present evidence, select juries, etc.
  • Dealing with partners and associates and the other key aspects of running a law practice that are also not taught in law school
  • Interviewing prospective lawyers
  • Perspectives from leaders in the field, and even other industries that is helpful for all attorneys 

Leveraging The Perspectives of Great Industry Minds

Andrew is often referred to as “the law school professor or senior partner I wish I had.” Indeed, Andrew offers great guidance, advice and training in his podcast, but he also brings on other attorneys to share their knowledge and experience. It’s tangible value for everyone participating in the episode - even Andrew Smiley. Every attorney has his or her own back-story and experience that provides helpful information for others to learn from.

The listeners gain valuable insight  and can draw deeper conclusions about their own work within their legal practice.

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