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 Hiring an attorney is an immensely important decision. Hiring the right attorney for you and for the purpose of winning your case is critical. There are four simple steps you should take so you know you are hiring an attorney who will not only have your best interests at heart but who has the track record to deliver the right result that you seek.

The steps outlined here apply to choose an attorney in any specialty but, because Smiley and Smiley specialize in personal injury cases, we will choose examples from that area of the law.

1: Choose an Expert

All professional attorneys specialize in certain areas of legal practice. To use an analogy, all forms of transport will get you from Point A to Point B but there are huge differences between a bicycle, an SUV, and a train. Depending on the journey, your circumstances, your preferences, and your specific needs you will choose the right form of transport. If you have a personal injury, then it makes sense to choose an attorney who is both an expert in personal injury law and who specializes in it.

This attorney will know city, state and federal laws as well as being fully conversant with, say, recent judgments and established precedents that may impact your particular case. An attorney who is qualified to handle a personal injury case but who branches into other areas, may not be "tournament-ready" - to use a sports term - when it comes to winning the decision you are seeking.

2. Know The Process

A less well-established law firm may, frequently, go for a speedy, out-of-court settlement where possible. This may give you, the injured party, a quick and good result but it may not be the best result in terms of compensation. A well-established law firm will have no problem taking a case to court, even though it takes longer for a decision and longer for them to receive their fee. Choose an attorney who will advise you on the different routes and why you should choose one. And choose an attorney who has an established track record in a court of law. This attorney will be known to and respected by judges, insurance companies, as well as the opposing attorneys.

3. Get Personal Attention

As well as discussing the legal process, discuss the personal process. You want to know who will actually handle the details of your case and the claim to be made. Will an established expert in the firm handle your case from start to finish or will everything be delegated to a junior, new-to-the-practice attorney or even to a paralegal?

4. Feel Comfortable and Confident

Yes, you want to know you are hiring an expert with a great track record but you also want to know this attorney is right for you. You want your attorney to relate to you and your case so you feel confident and comfortable. You want to trust, respect, and be able to work with your attorney. So one other thing to know is that the "chemistry" is right.

Final Comment

When hiring an attorney you want to know you are hiring the best one for you and your case. Write down your thoughts, concerns, and your questions, then make contact. In your initial, free consultation, share these things and ask your questions. And please feel welcome to contact us by just clicking this link.

To learn more, watch our video about What to Know About Picking an Attorney by Guy Smiley by clicking this link