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Credit Line: Long Cases That Delay Payment

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Many law firms require a credit line linked more to their legal work than to simply being in business. Almost every commercial venture borrows money either as a set loan amount or as a line of credit to be drawn on as needed.


Does Advertising for Lawyers Still Work?

Topic: advertising

advertising blk wht

The short answer is, "Yes, advertising for lawyers does work when done correctly." That is the secret to successful advertising. There are some critical factors which underpin the word "correctly." Let us explain them in simple terms. There is an old adage in sales and marketing that applies in this context; If you always focus on what is working, you will squeeze out what isn't.


Have you or a loved one been injured at a pool this summer?


New York is once again in the midst of a hot summer. If you have kids, the whole family will probably be spending time at a pool over the next couple months. Unfortunately, these visits to public pools can sometimes end with a visit to the hospital.


What to Know Before Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney. Two people shaking hands.

 Hiring an attorney is an immensely important decision. Hiring the right attorney for you and for the purpose of winning your case is critical. There are four simple steps you should take so you know you are hiring an attorney who will not only have your best interests at heart but who has the track record to deliver the right result that you seek.


How Do Mistrials Occur in Personal Injury Cases?


Personal injuries are painful and traumatic in their own right. The last thing a plaintiff needs or wants is for the judge to declare a mistrial and for everything to go back to Square One. Before we look at how mistrials can occur in personal injury cases, let us define the term "mistrial."


What to Look For When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Nobody wants to think about themselves or a loved one experiencing a preventable injury or death. But the fact remains that preventable injuries and deaths occur frequently, with over 47.2 million injuries and 169,000 deaths occurring in the United States alone each year.  

personal injury attorney


What If My New Apartment Has Bedbugs?

Topic: bed bugs, landlord

Is My Landlord Responsible...

Moving into a new apartment is usually an exciting and happy time. It often signifies a new beginning or a fresh start. A fresh start in a new apartment should be a great thing.

bed bugs


What If I Am Injured On A Slippery Sidewalk?

 Winter in New York City is a beautiful time of year to take a stroll through Central Park or any of the city's other picturesque landscapes. Unfortunately, a sidewalk slip-and-fall injury can quickly and unexpectedly sour your experience.

NYC sidewalk slip and fall concept


Know Your Rights: Air Travel with Your Pets

 More and more, pets are being treated as "one of the family." Pet parents are spending large sums of money on high-end pet foods, toys, pet daycares, and travel expenses. Dogs and cats in airports is a trend that does not seem to be slowing down. As a pet parent, you need to know your rights when traveling with pets on airlines.

pet carrier dog travel


Family Losses in Personal Injury Claims

Loss or Injury of a Family Member or Loved One

When a loved one passes or is gravely injured, the effects on family members can be detrimental in numerous ways. Despite the emotionally exhaustive grieving process the affected families undoubtedly go through, there are often practical matters that require attention as well.

Loss of consortium - funeral

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