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Defensive driving techniques all drivers should know

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on May 16, 2017 3:44:29 PM

Driving in New York can be a challenge. The traffic gets rather heavy and hazards are everywhere. Drivers can make things easier on themselves by learning defensive driving techniques. According to, defensive driving is about keeping safe on the roads and being ready for anything that could happen. It is a proactive approach to driving. A person who drives defensively has been taught how to react better to issues and stay safe on the roads because they have learned to remain calm and make good driving decisions.

When being taught defensive driving techniques, a driver may learn about common causes of accidents, such as drunk driving. They may be taught how to keep themselves safe through wearing a seat belt. Drivers may study driving maneuvers that can help them get out of a sticky situation and learn what to do when they come into contact with an erratic or angry driver. They may also learn how to better handle road rage, stress and fatigue when driving.

Nemours outlines some specific things that drivers learn to help them drive defensively. Drivers should always scan the road to know what other vehicles are doing and where they are located. Anticipating what other drivers may do is a big key to staying safe and avoiding accidents. Following at a safe distance, not speeding and avoiding distractions are also important aspects of defensive driving. Finally, drivers should always have a plan for reacting to possible roadway hazards, such as obstructed lanes or cars swerving in front of their cars.  

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