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How landlords can prevent slip-and-fall accidents

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Dec 19, 2017 10:37:00 AM


Being a property owner in New York comes with many responsibilities. If someone decides to also take on the role of landlord, there may be a need for more active maintenance. This is because there is a duty to the safety of visitors as well as tenants. Therefore, it is crucial for a landlord to ensure that certain precautions are in place to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

According to, a property owner should grasp the extent of his or her slip-and-fall liability and operate accordingly. This may include deciding on how to best to deal with building maintenance. As an example, in the situation of snow buildup, he or she should decipher if it is quicker to handle it as an in-house task or through a contracted third party. If a problem is not handled expeditiously and a person is injured because of it, the landlord might be sued for negligence. Furthermore, if the makeup of occupants is such that there are more people who are susceptible to injury, being extra cautious may be required.

As far as the steps that should be taken in safeguarding a property, RentPrep provides a list of items to remember. A landlord should keep detailed records of cleaning, renovations, general upkeep or any other information that may be helpful in the case of a legal proceeding. Specific processes should be in place for managing floor maintenance, marking hazards with conspicuous signs and ensuring that quality flooring is correctly installed. It is worth noting that operating a building versus a single house might affect the level of liability, and the amount and frequency of maintenance activities. However, a landlord should not compromise the degree of dedication that he or she has to the health and safety of his or her renters.

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