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If you are injured during an apartment fire you can hold the landlord responsible

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Jul 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM



  • Living through any type of fire can be unforgettable, but add on getting injured and that can add to your worries. Just recently a massive fire erupted in a three-story Bronx apartment building. The fire took place on 167th Street in the Highbridge area.  Unfortunately 14 people were injured, however none of the injuries were life threatening.

Your Rights

After the dust settles, you may be wondering what are your rights when it comes to getting injured during a fire at your apartment complex. While you live in an apartment community, landlords have certain responsibilities to uphold, if negligence is discovered in the investigation of the fire, you may be eligible for compensation.

Who Is Liable?

Holding a landlord liable for your injuries suffered during a structure fire requires you to prove negligence on behalf of the landlord. First, you need to establish that the landlord had a legal duty of care to protect you by providing adequate protection against potential fire hazards. If the landlord knows of a fire hazard on the property, he must find a way to correct it.

Burden Of Proof

You must also be able to show that there was a breach of duty. For example, if you alerted the landlord to a faulty outlet in your apartment and failed to fix it. You have to prove that the landlord failed to install proper safety precautions that would have avoided causing the fire that you were injured.  You also have to prove a connection between the fire and your injuries. This means you have to prove that your injuries occurred because of the landlord's negligence.


If you were injured in an apartment fire and would like to discuss your rights, please contact us immediately.

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