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Technology to help businesses prevent shootings

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Sep 29, 2016 9:14:18 PM

Despite the recent events that has New York on high alert, New Yorkers must still continue with their daily lives. So, to help business owners prevent tragedies such as mass shootings on their property, many innovators are now focusing on technological solutions for safety.

One of these new technologies is called Evolv Sentry, according to Basically, it is a body scanner that will come with a price tag of $50,000. The scanner is designed to connect with other systems used by law enforcement, but its initial purpose is to identify object such as explosive vests, explosives or a weapon in real time. Furthermore, the scanner will reportedly not slow down foot traffic; it is designed to capture an image as a person walks through it a quick pace or a regular walk. The system will come with its own built-in computer and can be moved easily by no more than two people, due to casters on its base.

However, body scanners are not the only tool in the development pipeline. The Huffington Post revealed that another option property owners may have is a barricade that comes in several designs. Called the Barracuda, it is designed to stop a door from opening. Another option that more than 90 cities are already using, alerts authorities within 30 seconds if gunfire opens on the premises. This technology, called ShotSpotter, uses algorithms to identify a sound as a shot when it is picked up by a set of microphones.

With the help of technologies such as these, business owners may be able to begin using more proactive approaches to gun violence threats on their premises.

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