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What are the risks of driving at night?

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Mar 31, 2017 7:06:08 AM

After the sun sets in New York, many people are still on the road, running errands, traveling home from work or driving to meet with friends. You may not think about how your risk of being killed in a motor vehicle accident is significantly higher at night than it is during the day. According to the National Safety Council, people are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident while driving at night, as opposed to traveling during daylight hours. Researchers suggest several factors that contribute to this unfortunate occurrence.

The loss of natural light decreases your ability to see in the dark. Despite the use of bright headlights and street lamps, darkness limits your peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to detect hazards in the road. In fact, glaring headlights can actually cause temporary blindness in drivers who look directly into the brightness. At night, drivers often have difficulties judging the distance and speed of oncoming cars, and may be more likely to pull out or turn in front of a quickly approaching vehicle. This is especially true for drivers who have reduced vision.

An increase in fatigued and intoxicated drivers at night can also lead to an increase in nighttime auto accidents. When driving at night, it is crucial that you remain aware of your surroundings. Be extremely cautious and avoid any distractions, such as cellphones or GPS devices. By taking the proper precautions, you can minimize your chances of becoming involved in a nighttime accident.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice. 

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