As the New Year approaches and you search out local gyms to burn those Holiday pounds, prepare yourself for the anticipated gym waivers. Committing to a gym membership should be fun and inspiring.

gym membership waiver fitness However many of these facilities expect for waivers to be signed if you are harmed within the gym via personal trainer or equipment. Once you sign the waiver, it seems as though all responsibility is your own for entrusting this facility to assist you with your personal health.

Not So Fast...


It is critical to read the waiver you are signing. What gyms expect from their potential customers is to not thoroughly read the contract and read the fine print. 

  • How specific and how broad is their waiver form?
  • What type of injury do they waive?
  • Do they specify equipment? Personal trainings?
  • Does your injury have to result on their property?



Read the Fine Print

Specifics make the waivers legal. The more specific a waiver is, the more legally binding the document. Most documents that are essentially blanket waivers and attempt to cover any injury. Because of the broad range in these documents, the right personal injury attorney can fight your injuries sustained in court. 


What is Their Reputation?

Has there been previous personal injury cases involving this facility? How about their staff? Previous claims of personal injury can build a case of negligence on behalf of the facility. Having new clients sign liability waivers does not allow gyms or personal trainers the right to be negligent with your safety and personal health.


Facility Safety

If these facilities intend for their clients to sign such waivers, they must also be validated in regards to safety with proper procedures and properly operating equipment. 

Unsafe Equipment
Improper Personal Training
Unavailable Staff


Let Our Firm Work For You!

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