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Inadvertent harmful behavior while on Ambien?  Seek an expert attorney

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Jul 12, 2018 8:14:45 PM

Earlier this summer, nationally renowned comedian Roseanne Barr’s hit television sitcom was cancelled after she posted racist comments on Twitter. She later blamed her behavior on having taken the popular sleep aid, Ambien. The makers of Ambien retorted that there is no drug in the world known to cause racism. 


Potential consequences of taking Ambien

Since Ambien first came onto the market, it has rapidly gained in popularity. The effectiveness of the drug as a sleep aid, combined with its affordability—costing only $2 per pill in generic form—has made it more popular in the United States than prescription-strength Ibuprofin or Percocet. However, there have been numerous cases reported of patients who suffered strange or even devastating consequences as a result of taking the drug:

  • Many patients reported sleep-walking and sleep-eating in the middle of the night—consuming everything from raw eggs to buttered cigarettes.
  • Ambien also tends to reduce patients’ inhibition and can cause amnesia. Patients may have sex without realizing it, or they may unconsciously molest or abuse others.
  • There have also been many reported cases of patients getting behind the wheel while sleeping—sometimes crashing and causing injury or even death to themselves and others.

In light of these disturbing consequences, the FDA has now changed its warning label for the drug. It has lowered the recommended dosages and advises patients to avoid driving or other tasks that involve total mental alertness the day after taking Ambien.

If you have inadvertently harmed someone while under the influence of Ambien, it’s important to seek an expert defense attorney who knows how to defend under the unique circumstances of your case.

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