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Ironworker Accident Attorneys for the Bronx, New York City

Ironworker Accident Lawyers Located In New York City

Ironworkers expose themselves to many dangers at construction sites. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that ironworkers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation due to working at incredible heights, working outside in all types of weather and working with heavy objects. These dangers, unfortunately, cause many ironworkers suffering serious on-the-job injuries each year, even when the proper precautions were in place.


Union Worker Accidents

Taking Care Of Union Workers Following Accidents

Are you a construction worker who was injured on the job? Are you part of a construction workers union? If so, you can find the help you need recovering compensation for your injuries by speaking with the experienced lawyers at Smiley & Smiley, LLP.


Aerial Lift and Crane Accidents

New York City Crane Accident Attorneys

Aerial lift and crane accidents generally involve serious injuries and are frequently fatal. Workers and the families of workers involved in aerial lift and crane accidents should seek immediate legal help following an accident so that:


Ladder Falls

Knowledgeable Ladder Accident Attorneys

Construction workers who work on scaffolds, walkways, ladders and other height-related tools have powerful legal protections under New York's statute Section 240(1), also known as "The Scaffold Law." The New York City ladder accident lawyers of Smiley & Smiley, LLP, can provide results-oriented representation if you, while working on a construction site:


Scaffolding Accidents

Legal Guidance Following A Scaffolding Accident

Scaffolding is a necessary part of many construction projects. Working on scaffolding or from any height carries with it a number of serious dangers. As a result, numerous laws govern the use of scaffolding in New York. In addition to OSHA and general liability law protection, construction workers in New York enjoy legal protection in the event of a scaffolding-related accident by Section 240(1), also known as the Scaffold Law.


Workers' Compensation

Quality Representation In New York City Workers' Compensation Cases

Workers' compensation is designed to help workers who are injured on the job or become ill with an occupational disease that develops during the course of their employment. But what can you do when your workers' compensation benefits don't fully cover your expenses?


Falls From Heights

What To Do When Injured During A Fall At Work

If you were injured by falling from a ladder, falling from a roof, falling through an unmarked opening in a floor under construction or falling from a "cherry picker" truck, you ought to talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later. Do not assume that your only sources of compensation after a fall injury will be your health insurance and workers' compensation benefits.


Holes in Construction Site Flooring

Injuries That Occur Because Of Holes In Construction Site Flooring

The facts in every New York City construction site accident differ — but one thing is sure for people who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries on the job: The injured construction worker and/or his or her family will need compensation to cope with injuries and losses such as the following:


Struck by Falling Objects

Injured by Falling Objects

Were you injured when you were struck by falling objects at a construction site? Did falling materials from a crane or bucket truck hit you on the head or shoulders and send you to the hospital? Perhaps the construction site manager failed to erect scaffolds or netting above where you were working then falling objects struck and injured you. This piece of information may be the key to ample compensation for your injuries — yet you are unlikely to know details of safety rules such as this recommended procedure for protecting workers underneath movement of objects that could fall.


Demolition-Related Injuries

Experienced Demolition Injury Attorney

Demolition activities are inherently dangerous to workers and passersby alike. Construction crew managers and equipment manufacturers are sometimes held responsible when demolition workers are injured. Demolition of bridges, buildings and streets is often accomplished with jackhammers and explosives. Workers are expected to wear proper safety gear such as eye protection, protective footwear, gloves and helmets during demolition activities. Safety plans for crew members need to be well-articulated and well-rehearsed.

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