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Ironworkers expose themselves to many dangers at construction sites. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that ironworkers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation due to working at incredible heights, working outside in all types of weather and working with heavy objects. These dangers, unfortunately, cause many ironworkers suffering serious on-the-job injuries each year, even when the proper precautions were in place.

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Our client, who is an ironworker, sustained life changing injuries to his pelvis, leg, back and arm when a scissor lift he was working on toppled over. We proved that the owner and general contractor of the site violated the New York Labor Laws. Our representation resulted in $9,750,000 in compensation.


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Ironworker Injuries From Falls

Falls are the most common injury suffered by ironworkers. Working on ladders, scaffolds and lifts hundreds of feet in the air are inherently dangerous activities, but the risks grow exponentially when a third party behaves negligently or a piece of equipment fails. For example, it is the responsibility of construction managers to ensure all safety requirements and regulations are followed — injuries routinely follow safety violations.

Common injuries from falling include spinal cord damage, brain injuries, multiple fractures and even death.

Other Dangers Ironworkers Face

Other common injuries sustained by ironworkers include:

  • Severe cuts: Sharp metal and tools can cause serious injuries.
  • Burns: Welding and working near flammable materials lead to many burn-related injuries each year in New York.
  • Being struck by falling objects: There are risks even when working on the ground. Poorly secured materials can strike unsuspecting workers before they have any chance to react.

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