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Tourist Injuries

Compassionate New York Attorneys Helping Injured Tourists

One of the outstanding features of New York City is the warm welcome that our city gives to visitors. New York City welcomes people from throughout North America and the world on a regular basis. From recreating movie stars renting penthouse apartments to backpacking students staying in youth hostels, a wide range of visitors can be found in New York at all times.


Non-Citizen Injury Claims

Compassionate Noncitizen Injury Claim Representation

As with our firm's practice dedicated to serving the legal needs of injured tourists here in New York, the law firm of Smiley & Smiley, LLP, understands the unique legal needs facing injured noncitizens injured in New York. Our firm has committed itself to protecting the rights of people injured here in New York who do not have official documentation of citizenship while residing in the United States and in New York City, specifically.


Personal Trainer Negligence

New York Personal Trainer Negligence Attorney

Serious injuries at a gym or anywhere else when working out with a personal trainer are cause for real consideration of your legal options. What did the trainer do to prevent your injuries? Were you warned of the risks? Do you know the personal trainer's professional qualifications, certifications or the fitness center's hiring policies?


Day Care, Nanny & Child Care Accidents

Legal Representation When Day Care Negligence Occurs

The financial and emotional costs of serious injury to a young child are often overwhelming. When child injuries occur in day care settings or when your child was in the care of a nanny, investigation is warranted and, as a parent, you deserve the truth.


Legal Malpractice in Personal Injury Cases

Sophisticated New York Legal Malpractice Lawyer

The knowledge, skill and experience of the lawyer you choose will almost always have a major impact on the outcome of your serious personal injury case. In some situations, an unfortunate choice of counsel can lead to a bad outcome with a claim. You may be faced with the choice of giving up your cause or having an NYC legal malpractice attorney review what happened and offer legal guidance.


Bar and Restaurant Liability (Dram Shop)

Pursuit Of Dram Shop Claims In New York City

There are specific laws for the scenario where a person gets drunk at a bar or restaurant, leaves and gets into an accident. If you were hurt by a drunk driver in this type of situation, you may not only be entitled to compensation from the driver, but also from any establishment that contributed to his or her intoxication.


Skiing/Snowboarding Accidents

Skiing/Snowboarding Accidents

There are multiple reasons for why skiing or snowboarding accidents occur. These can simply involve collisions with other skiers. In other instances, chairlift accidents occur due to dangerous or faulty equipment. Sometimes the operators of ski slopes fail to adequately warn of hazards or properly mark boundaries to protect skiers or snowboarders from injury. And while skiing and snowboarding are recreational activities, the injuries that result from accidents can be serious and even fatal.

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