Day Care, Nanny & Child Care Accidents

Legal Representation When Day Care Negligence Occurs

The financial and emotional costs of serious injury to a young child are often overwhelming. When child injuries occur in day care settings or when your child was in the care of a nanny, investigation is warranted and, as a parent, you deserve the truth.

Such cases call for an experienced personal injury lawyer who will approach your case with compassion for your family and the knowledge to locate insurance coverage and other means of recovery for you. At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, in Midtown Manhattan, you will find a New York City day care negligence lawyer with the skill to thoroughly evaluate your case and offer sound legal guidance.

An Experienced NYC Day Care Abuse Lawyer

In essence, failure to supervise an infant, toddler or other young child is a form of negligence that can even be viewed as abuse. We have experience handling cases of burn injuries, playground accidents and other serious injury-causing events due to inadequate supervision. This enables us to explore all avenues of potential compensation, including insurance coverage carried by a nanny service or day care operation.

Legal Action To Help You Move Forward

You may be facing staggering medical expenses and the challenge of helping your child recover as fully as possible. Our legal team will empathize and take action on your valid claim based on potential:

  • Negligent hiring, training and supervision at a day care facility
    • Nanny negligence in failing to directly and adequately supervise your child when charged with his or her safety

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