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Broken Stair Rails

Injuries Due To Broken Stair Rails

Even comparatively small buildings in New York City can have dozens of stairwells and stair rails. When someone purchases a building, they assume responsibility to maintain each of the building's staircases. When they fail in this responsibility, and injuries occur as a result, property owners must be held responsible.


Cracked and Broken Sidewalks

Injuries Due To Cracked And Broken Sidewalks

Owners of property that is adjacent to "city" sidewalks are not only responsible for keeping the sidewalks free of ice and snow, but also responsible for sidewalks that are broken up, cracked, crumbled and riddled with holes. Property owners who own property with sidewalks are responsible for the maintenance of the entire property, including the sidewalks.


Defective Escalators and Accidents

Capable Escalator Injury Representation

Childhood fears of escalators are not pure fantasy; escalators routinely injure both adults and children. At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, we have handled escalator accident cases caused by:


Elevator Accidents

Broad Understanding Of Elevator Accident Cases

No city in North America has more elevators than New York City. As a result, elevator maintenance laws, guidelines and repair procedures take on an increased importance in one of the world's tallest and "most vertical" cities.


Ice and Snow on Sidewalks

Injuries Due To Ice And Snow On Sidewalks

Commercial and residential landlords who hope to escape responsibility for accidents and injuries caused by unsafe sidewalks because they "didn't know" about unsafe conditions play a dangerous game. Though notice of a dangerous condition is indeed required, the notice doesn't need to be in writing or be documented. Notice can take two forms:


Wet Floor Accidents

Wet-floor-accident-guideInjuries Due To Wet Floors

The dangers posed by wet floors are among the easiest to manage and eliminate for building owners. They are also among the most common dangers faced by pedestrians as they enter buildings and as they move about on commercial and residential property.


Slip-and-Fall Accidents

New York Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorney

Slip-and-fall accidents sometimes result in bumps and bruises — and are no fun, to be sure, but often, someone who has fallen can heal and recover. In other slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents, clients suffer severe injuries resulting in lasting disabilities.


Sidewalk Falls

Experienced New York City Sidewalk Injury Attorney

If you were injured on a sidewalk outside of a New York City building, it is helpful to know that the property owner whose property abuts the sidewalk is responsible for maintenance of that sidewalk. This means that your losses may be compensated for by the property owner if you tripped and fell or slipped and fell for any of these reasons on a New York City sidewalk:


Retail Restaurant Injuries

Attorneys Holding New York Restaurants Responsible For Injuries

Owners of restaurants and other retail establishments owe their customers a duty of care with regard to their safety. Hazardous areas, elements and conditions of a restaurant or retail store should be corrected by management before an accident happens. This may mean installing lights in dark hallways, repairing cracked and broken sidewalks in front of the restaurant or store, and in general, watching out for customers' well-being. It also means handling food safely to prevent contamination.


Central Park Accidents

Central Park Accident Injury Representation

More than 30 million people visit Central Park annually, taking advantage of the running and bike paths, picnic areas, playgrounds and many other attractions. Unfortunately, any area with so much activity is also prone to serious accidents.

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