Bar and Restaurant Liability (Dram Shop)

Pursuit Of Dram Shop Claims In New York City

There are specific laws for the scenario where a person gets drunk at a bar or restaurant, leaves and gets into an accident. If you were hurt by a drunk driver in this type of situation, you may not only be entitled to compensation from the driver, but also from any establishment that contributed to his or her intoxication.

This type of liability is known as dram shop liability or bar and restaurant liability. For more information regarding your claims and to see if you have a case, contact our New York law firm online. At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, we have been protecting the rights of innocent victims of drunk driving accidents since 1968. We can answer all of your questions regarding the liability of bars and the liability of restaurants throughout NYC.

Liquor Liability And New York Dram Shop Law

New York General Obligations Law 11-101 (the Dram Shop Act) states that if an establishment sells alcohol to certain people who then cause an injury, that establishment can be held liable. New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law 65 states the specific individuals who are illegal to sell to. These individuals include:

  • Anyone under 21 years of age
  • Any visibly intoxicated person
  • Any known habitual drunkards

At our firm, we have helped thousands of individuals recover from all types of alcohol-related injuries caused by the negligence of others. If you were hurt or a loved one was killed or injured by a drunk driver who was illegally sold or furnished alcohol, let us put our decades of experience behind you.

$4,700,000 for Drunk Driving – Dram Shop Victim Who Suffered Leg Amputations

$4,700,000 for a 27-year-old passenger of an automobile which crashed as result of an drunk driver. Our client suffered traumatic amputations of both of his legs as a result of the high speed crash. We proved that the owner of the restaurant where the driver was drinking was responsible pursuant to the New York Dram Shop Act (General Obligations Law 11-101).

Serving Alcohol Privately And How It Applies To Individuals

New York General Obligations Law 11-100 is basically dram shop liability as it applies to individuals. For example, if a teenager should have a house party where the parents supplied the alcohol and an intoxicated minor from that party hurts someone, the parents can be held liable. This is true even though the parents thought that having the party at their place was a safer alternative than letting the kids party elsewhere.

When you become injured by an illegally served individual, you have rights that need to be protected. Our attorneys will advocate for you to help have your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages paid by the people responsible.

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