Struck by Falling Objects

Injured by Falling Objects

Were you injured when you were struck by falling objects at a construction site? Did falling materials from a crane or bucket truck hit you on the head or shoulders and send you to the hospital? Perhaps the construction site manager failed to erect scaffolds or netting above where you were working then falling objects struck and injured you. This piece of information may be the key to ample compensation for your injuries — yet you are unlikely to know details of safety rules such as this recommended procedure for protecting workers underneath movement of objects that could fall.

If you were injured by falling objects and suffered a serious or catastrophic injury on the job while doing construction work in New York City, Smiley & Smiley, LLP, may have the information and help that you are looking for. After being injured by falling options on the job, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

See our " results" page on this website to gain an idea of ways in which we have been able to help injured New Yorkers recover compensation after construction accidents, traffic accidents and other types of accidents.

Every case is different, and it is not possible, nor ethical, for any lawyer to state or imply that past results for other clients are an indication of how your construction site accident case may be resolved. However, our track record of results demonstrates our capabilities and our dedication to helping injured construction workers recover compensation for their losses and injuries after a work site injury.

After a New York work place injury, lawyer input is critical as you prepare to pursue compensation from responsible parties. Each person or organization involved will naturally seek to protect his or its own interests. A crane manufacturer, a subcontractor or a property owner are not likely to offer the injured person the amount of compensation that is really needed. An experienced personal injury lawyer is a valuable resource for construction workers who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries.

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