Demolition-Related Injuries

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Demolition activities are inherently dangerous to workers and passersby alike. Construction crew managers and equipment manufacturers are sometimes held responsible when demolition workers are injured. Demolition of bridges, buildings and streets is often accomplished with jackhammers and explosives. Workers are expected to wear proper safety gear such as eye protection, protective footwear, gloves and helmets during demolition activities. Safety plans for crew members need to be well-articulated and well-rehearsed.

Smiley & Smiley, LLP, has extensive experience and a track record of results in a wide range of construction-related accidents, including a demolition case involving an injured 39-year-old demolition foreman. After a New York demolition injury, lawyer Andrew Smiley fought for and obtained ample compensation for this demolition foreman. The man was struck in the head by a falling piece of concreted during a bridge rehabilitation project. Attorney Andrew J. Smiley argued in trial "that the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) violated specific Labor Law statutes that require overhead protection to protect workers from falling debris." The result was a $1.35 million settlement paid by the TBTA.

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