Holes in Construction Site Flooring

Injuries That Occur Because Of Holes In Construction Site Flooring

The facts in every New York City construction site accident differ — but one thing is sure for people who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries on the job: The injured construction worker and/or his or her family will need compensation to cope with injuries and losses such as the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Medical equipment such as wheelchairs
  • Related expenses such as transportation costs to doctors' offices
  • Wages lost
  • Pain and suffering

Taking Prompt Action Regarding Your Claim

If you were seriously or catastrophically injured by falling into a hole at a construction site, a prompt investigation can pinpoint the true cause of the accident. Whose negligence contributed to your fateful fall through a hole in a floor or roof or plank at a construction site?

  • Did a fellow subcontractor remove warning cones and signs from around a hole in the floor and neglect to put them back?
  • Did a piece of wood intended to provide a place to walk over a hole in the floor break or give way, because it was not designed to support your weight?
  • Did debris on the floor at a construction site make it difficult to impossible for you to detect an open hole, which you then fell into?

Whatever the true cause of your construction site accident was, if you were injured due to holes in construction site flooring, you should talk to a New York City (NYC) workplace injury attorney. The sooner the better, while evidence is still fresh and available.

See our Results page to gain an idea of ways in which we have been able to help injured New Yorkers recover compensation after construction work injuries, traffic accidents and other types of accidents.

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