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What after a New York construction accident?

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Oct 17, 2014 1:38:35 PM

New York construction workers are fortunate to have workers' compensation benefits. However, there are times when workers' compensation benefits may not be enough to cover medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering from debilitating injuries in construction accidents. Our New York based law firm specializes in this kind of situation, and we can assist workers who need additional compensation.

In such cases, a third-party claim may be necessary. A third-party claim is a personal injury lawsuit filed against the person deemed as a negligent third party. In this legal action, general contractors, building owners, architects, equipment manufacturers and other people who are responsible for the accidents are included in the lawsuit. Co-workers and employers cannot be sued under a third-party claim.

We have a long list of successful third-party claims that have resulted in six and seven figure monetary awards. One client's family was awarded $5 million in compensation when a worker lost his life after being crushed by an aerial lift. Our team found sufficient evidence that he was negligently permitted to operate the lift. Another case resulted in compensation amounting to $1.4 million. The victim, who was working on the Triborough Bridge, was hit by falling. The trial only lasted a week after our team established that the defendant, who settled, violated laws regarding overhead protection. Another third-party claim resulted in $2.5 million compensation after a worker injured his lower back after falling on a slippery construction area.

Our New York law firm pursues claims with dedication and tenacity. We understand that injured construction workers need sufficient compensation not only for present expenses but for the long-term. For this reason, our team patiently gathers and preserves evidence, identifies and interview witnesses and other important details in order to strengthen the claim.

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