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When product safety claims inspire investigations and vice versa

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Sep 2, 2014 10:39:18 AM

When a consumer is harmed as a result of a dangerous or defective product, he or she may think to do one of two things first. On the one hand, it makes sense to call an experienced personal injury attorney first, given that it is important to hold negligent manufacturers accountable for the harm they have caused. On the other hand, it makes sense to alert government regulators first so that they can begin investigating the issue and hopefully alert other consumers to potential hazards.

In reality, situations involving defective products tend to require the attention of both attorneys and federal regulators. Civil suits against negligent manufacturers tend to occur simultaneously with governmental investigations, depending on the circumstances of each case. If you or a loved one is harmed as a result of a dangerous product, an attorney can help you to pursue your case and to alert the government to your situation.

In fact, it is often helpful to have the aid of an attorney as you seek to report your injury to the government, given that the intersection between regulatory reporting and civil litigation tends to be far more complex than one might initially imagine it to be.

In essence, product safety lawsuits often inspire governmental action, while recalls and other governmental action can similarly inspire product liability claims. An attorney can help you to navigate both your own claim and any communications that governmental regulators may wish to have with you as they pursue their own action against potentially negligent product manufacturers.

Source: Claims Journal, “The Effect of Product Liability Litigation on CPSC Regulatory Compliance,” Kenneth Ross, Aug. 12, 2014

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