Manufacturing Defects

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Personal injury claims involving product liability law and manufacturing defects can be highly complex. There are many potentially liable parties. These parties may try to blame each other in an attempt to evade responsibility. For instance, the manufacturer of a defective product may try to blame a parts manufacturer, a service provider, a contractor, or even a wholesaler, distributor or seller.

If you've been injured, or if someone you know has been killed as the result of a defectively manufactured product, Smiley & Smiley, LLP, can argue your claim against the manufacturer and effectively pursue the compensation you deserve.

Experience In Holding Manufacturers Liable

Our New York product liability attorney team is skilled in all aspects of personal injury claims involving manufacturing defects. For example:

  • We are experienced in identifying all sources of insurance coverage and compensation.
  • We are skilled in unraveling highly complex corporate ownership structures in order to pursue compensation from the right party or parties.
  • Our team is composed exclusively of experienced litigators. Defense lawyers know if they don't make a fair settlement offer that our lawyers will aggressively and capably fight for clients' rights in court.

Our experience in handling product liability claims involving manufacturing defects includes numerous cases involving commonly problematic products like vehicles, tires, workplace machinery and power tools. We have also handled cases involving unexpected products. For instance:

  • We settled a case involving a child burned by a defective radiator for $3.5 million.
  • We settled a case involving defective rock-climbing equipment for $925,000.
  • We settled a case involving a defective exercise ball for $375,000.
  • We settled a case involving a defective oven for a confidential sum.

Don't "write off" your product liability case without first meeting with a caring and experienced personal injury lawyer.

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