Injuries at the Gym

Representing You Following Gym Injury Accidents

People who want to improve their physical fitness in New York City have many options. One of the most popular is to join a gym or fitness club, where you have reason to believe facilities will be well-maintained and your safety will be a priority. Unfortunately, the gym and personnel you depend on may let you down and serious injuries can occur.

If you have suffered a serious injury at a gym — such as an orthopedic injury requiring surgery or causing you to miss work — please do not assume that this outcome was simply part of the risk you took in deciding to exercise. Consider whether the gym or its personnel — such as the personal trainer you were assigned — were negligent or irresponsible in fundamental ways.

Seek Legal Counsel From An Experienced NYC Gym Liability Lawyer

Attorney Andrew J. Smiley takes a specific interest in gym injuries and personal trainer negligence cases, including conducting educational sessions for other attorneys in this developing area of personal injury law. Applying prior successful experience in gym injury claims, our long-standing Manhattan-based firm is well-prepared to evaluate your injury case arising from:

  • Negligent hiring, supervision and training of a personal trainer or other personnel
  • A personal trainer's own lack of credentials or failures to follow a reasonable standard of care involving baseline evaluations, the clients' physical capabilities, program design and "spotting" during exercise
  • Defective weight machines, treadmills, elliptical bikes or other equipment
  • Unsafe gym conditions, including obstacles or slippery conditions that cause fall accidents.

The Use Of Waivers At A Gym Or Fitness Facility

Gyms and their insurance companies use membership agreements drafted by lawyers. They specifically design these membership agreements to give the appearance of having no responsibility for injuries you sustain at their clubs no matter how serious the injuries may be.

Unfortunately, too few people know the complicated laws and arguments involved in gym injuries when a waiver of liability may be involved. As a result, they never understand their rights or how to protect them from the fitness corporations and their insurance companies.

Don't be fooled. If their gross negligence has caused your injury or if the membership contract is vague and ambiguous, their disclaimer of liability may not be effective against you.

The experienced attorneys of Smiley & Smiley, LLP, understand the legal arguments that will best serve your interests when fighting back against a gym and its insurance company. The firm's attorneys also understand how courts view these cases. We will provide you with legal representation informed by the latest developments in the law that may enable you to hold the gym liable for your injuries.

Your potential premises liability claim or personal trainer negligence claim will require a thorough investigation and evaluation by a New York City gym injury lawyer with insight into the industry standard of care that can be applied to fitness centers, personal trainers and other fitness professionals. We can provide that knowledge, and we want to hear from you what happened and whom you believe may have been at fault.

You may be able to recover financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost income from missed work and other damages you have suffered due to negligence at the gym. To discuss your case with a focused lawyer who will take your claim seriously, beginning with a free initial consultation, please call us today at 212-986-2022 or toll free at 866-SMILEYLAW.

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