Apartment Building Worker Accidents

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Building workers throughout the five boroughs and surrounding New York counties have a range of duties that may bring them into contact with defective equipment and dangerous conditions. Horrific injuries can result from malfunctions of trash compactors, incinerators and other heavy machinery, putting the victim in need of substantial compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages and other costs.

Should You Pursue A Legal Claim In Addition To Workers' Compensation Benefits?

It is important for building porters, superintendents and other maintenance and caretaking personnel to recognize that workers' compensation may not be their only means of financial recovery if an accident was caused by someone's negligence. Applying decades of experience handling complex personal injury claims, our attorneys are adept at:

  • Determining whether your case justifies a third-party negligence claim against someone other than your employer, such as a building owner rather than the managing agent who employs you
  • Projecting your financial needs based on the nature of your injuries and assessing the value of your case
  • Pursuing just compensation for you through insurance negotiations or at trial, as we have done with positive results in many prior on-the-job injury claims

Experienced NYC Apartment Building Worker Injury Lawyer

Our knowledge of personal injury claims, the interplay between workers' compensation and third-party lawsuits, and other factors can be critical assets for your family and future. Life-changing injuries may require you to seek compensation beyond workers' comp benefits, and our firm is equipped for that cause.

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If you were seriously injured on your job as an apartment building worker in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island or surrounding counties — or if your loved one died in a work accident — we encourage you to contact us at Smiley & Smiley, LLP. Our skilled work injury and apartment injury attorneys will carefully analyze your potential claim and provide sound legal guidance.

We offer free initial consultations, and our team responds to calls regarding accidents and injuries 24/7. We offer multilingual services and representation on a contingency basis, which means you will owe no attorney fees unless we pursue your case and obtain financial compensation that benefits you. Call 212-986-2022 or 866-SMILEYLAW for counsel after a major work injury.

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