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Laser and Lasik eye surgery is one of our era's miracle medical procedures. A miracle, though, can quickly become a nightmare if your eye surgeon doesn't exercise reasonable care.

Medical malpractice injuries involving laser and Lasik eye surgery can occur in many ways, but two causes are most common:

  • Failure to properly screen candidates. Not everyone is a safe candidate for corrective eye surgery. With that said, doctors do not make money when they turn patients away. When physicians operate on people whose corneas are too peaked for safe and productive surgery, serious vision problems can result.
  • In the Lasik process, doctors measure parts of the eye, and then enter these measurements into sophisticated medical machinery. When they enter the wrong measurements, catastrophic eye damage can occur.

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Recent results illustrating our effectiveness in handling laser and Lasik eye injury cases include:

Our client's Lasik eye surgery was supposed to solve vision problems but resulted in permanent vision impairment instead. Problems resulting from vision issues were compounded by his profession as a rare gem dealer. We settled the case against his doctor for $700,000.

Our client's laser eye surgery was botched when the defendant doctor negligently entered the wrong cornea measurements into his laser surgery machine prior to the surgery. Our thorough investigation as well as our familiarity with measurement issues and errors relating to laser surgery resulted in a relatively quick resolution of the case and a recovery of $300,000.

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