Cerebral Palsy

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Children are fragile in the womb and during the birth process. It is essential that a child receive complete care and treatment at this early stage in order to prevent injury wherever possible. When a medical professional fails to live up to his or her duty, the child could suffer a serious injury such as the development of cerebral palsy.

If your child has developed cerebral palsy as a result of a doctor's or medical provider's negligence, you may have a claim. At Smiley & Smiley, our attorneys can help you pursue full and fair compensation for your child's injuries. Since 1968, we have handled countless birth injury cases for clients throughout New York City.

Pursuing Compensation For Cerebral Palsy Victims

Cerebral palsy is a brain injury that most frequently develops as a result of a lack of oxygen to the brain. It can also be caused by and infection or a head injury.

In order to find the cause of your child's condition, our attorneys will coordinate a thorough investigation into your and your child's medical treatment. We work with medical experts in order to determine if the doctor or medical professional deviated from the normal standard of care. If so, we can pursue the compensation you need to cover your child's medical costs as well as his or her pain and suffering.

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