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When you are injured in a tractor-trailer accident, you may enter unfamiliar terrain. As you struggle with challenging medical conditions, an inability to work and constant pain, it can be very helpful to have someone manage insurance and medical care cost disputes, as well as disputes with insurers and trucking companies.

Tractor-trailer accident cases include many of the same challenges that come with car accidents — how much insurance coverage is there? Who or what caused the accident? What is the actual extent of injuries and damage, and what is the value of the case?

The Legal Services We Provide In Tractor-Trailer Accidents

In addition, tractor-trailer accident cases involve challenges such as:

  • The investigation of the claim — Negligence can occur in dozens of different ways and can involve the driver, the driver's driving record, alcohol, drugs, company hiring practices, road maintenance and truck maintenance.
  • Evidence — Where are drivers' logbooks stored? Are they accurate? Is there a "black box"-style recording device? GPS evidence? Police reports?
  • Trucking company ownership confusion — Which party or parties own the company, and to what degree? Or is the company owned by another company and, if so, who or what owns that company? The ownership structure of trucking companies can be highly complex, making the identity of defendants and the locating of insurance coverage difficult.

The New York City truck accident attorneys of Smiley & Smiley, LLP, have over seven decades of combined legal experience, and our firm has provided personal injury legal services since 1968. Our team includes attorneys listed in New York Super Lawyers, and our experience includes earning dozens of seven- and eight-figure settlements and verdicts, including a $1.3 million settlement of a case involving a client who was struck on the side of a road by an 18-wheeler.

Don't face well-funded trucking companies alone and without qualified and caring help.

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