Holland Tunnel Trucking Accidents

Holland Tunnel Trucking Accident Attorneys

The Holland Tunnel is a popular option for many commuters, visitors and truck drivers because of its central location and easy access to many densely populated areas and roads in New York and New Jersey. As a result of this saturation, accidents involving cars and trucks are not uncommon.

The Holland Tunnel truck accident lawyers at Smiley & Smiley, LLP, have been helping people recover compensation for their injuries and damages since opening its doors in 1968. When we take on clients who have been injured in the Holland Tunnel, you can count on us to exhaustively pursue every part of your claim, including:

  • Investigation — We know that negligence can occur in a wide variety of ways, and we will find proof if alcohol, drugs, company hiring practices, road maintenance or truck maintenance were contributing factors leading to the crash.
  • Evidence — If a black box-style recording device is installed in the truck, we will have it analyzed to see what information it may yield to prove guilt. If there is GPS evidence, we will see if it is useful and can be admitted.
  • Documentation — It is crucial to find out where the driver's logbooks are stored and if they are accurate. Likewise, we will subpoena the truck driver's past driving record to see if there is a pattern of negligence or recklessness. Our attorneys will inspect the police report for the collision as well as any past reports that have been filed involving the same driver.
  • Ownership confusion — We will determine which party or parties own the trucking company, and to what degree. This is extremely important for liability and insurance purposes. Additionally, if the company is owned by another company and, if so, who or what owns that company, we will find this out so we can name every appropriate party to the lawsuit. The ownership structure of trucking companies is often highly complex, making the identity of defendants and the locating of insurance coverage difficult. At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, we have the resources and the skill to handle these components properly and with success.

We invite you to read about our results to gain an idea of ways in which we have been able to help injured individuals and their families recover compensation after truck accidents and other types of accidents that have taken place throughout New York.

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