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The Holland Tunnel is a frequent conduit between New York and New Jersey for commuters, people making deliveries and a whole host of other people who need to travel between the two states. The amount of vehicles traveling on this popular option has steadily increased as populations in both states increase and the tunnel's strategic location.

Unfortunately, as more people use the Holland Tunnel, the chances of an accident increase. People rushing to get to or from work, taxis trying to deliver fares quickly, delivery trucks trying to make a deadline — these are prime examples of how accidents happen. Not to mention, people failing to use their lights inside the tunnel, do not take into account changed conditions because of the weather, or are not paying attention and drift into the already tight lanes.

At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, we are familiar with every type of scenario, and we have handled every type of accident claim since founding our personal injury law firm in 1968. Our lawyers are ready to handle your car or truck accident case that takes place in the Holland Tunnel, and results in damage to your vehicle, serious injury or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Our Holland Tunnel car accident attorneys have the skill and experience to quickly assess your case, provide clear guidance and take immediate action to begin proving liability. We know how to build strong cases for maximum compensation, and we know that timing and acting prudently is critical to preserving evidence and your chances of prevailing at trial.

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