George Washington Bridge Trucking Accidents

George Washington Bridge Trucking Accident Lawyer

Although 18-wheeler trucks are an extremely tight fit on the lower deck of the George Washington Bridge, delivery vans and other types of smaller trucks are still allowed on the upper deck of this bridge that connects New Jersey and New York. If you are involved in a truck accident on the GW Bridge, one of the challenges you may face is emergency response crews being able to quickly access the crash location. Between the traffic approaching and once you are on the bridge, as well as the lack of space on the bridge itself, this can exacerbate a situation.

At the personal injury law firm of Smiley & Smiley, LLP, our lawyers know how to focus on the specifics of your accident when outlining a clear case for compensation. We look at every factor that may have contributed to the accident, including:

  • Was the truck driver speeding?
  • Was there a failure to brake in a timely manner?
  • Was the truck driver distracted causing the truck to swerve, drift or rear-end you?
  • Were the lanes cleared of any debris caused by construction?
  • Did the bridge maintenance crew properly salt, sand or take other measures to account for changed weather conditions?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any prescription medication at the time the accident occurred?

Our George Washington Bridge trucking accident attorneys and network of accident reconstructionists and investigators can help you gather evidence that supports any of these claims that may have caused or contributed to the crash. We know how to use this information to aggressively negotiate funds to cover your damages and expenses.

More importantly, our results at trial prove that we can present a well-defined argument leading to a favorable verdict by a jury or judge.

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