Brooklyn Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Attorney Representing Brooklyn Residents

Bus traffic is a near-constant factor in getting around Brooklyn, with drivers of these massive vehicles prone to pulling into traffic, turning against lights, and simply "not seeing" people and other vehicles. When a Brooklyn bus accident occurs, the consequences for victims are often catastrophic or fatal, and our firm is a proven resource for pursuing badly needed financial compensation.

If a bus crash in Brooklyn has left you seriously injured or grieving a family member's wrongful death, you will want a respected and accomplished law firm on your side. We bring decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the nuances of bus crash cases to these situations — including successful litigation against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) and against private transportation companies with ownership outside the state.

Resourceful Litigators Regarding City Bus, Tour Bus And School Bus Cases

If your situation calls for a Brooklyn bus accident lawyer, you may benefit from our experience in cases arising from:

  • City bus runs over pedestrians and bicycles, resulting in catastrophic injuries and wrongful death — and invoking special requirements for notice of claim against the MTA and NYCTA within 90 days
  • Sightseeing and tour bus accidents, such as those that may occur near Brooklyn's many historical landmarks and attractions like Coney Island, the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Bridge
  • School bus accidents occurring in Kings County or elsewhere in the city or surrounding counties

Brooklyn Bus Crash Lawyer With A High Level Of Experience

Taking action to recover just financial compensation for the victim or surviving family can be challenging in many respects. We have located responsible parties after hit-and-run bus accidents, for example, and built cases based on factors including driver error, negligent bus maintenance and negligent driver hiring practices. Our track record of bus accident results includes several seven-figure settlements and verdicts benefiting our valued clients.

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