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Male: If you've been injured on the job you're entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits. Unfortunately, these benefits are minimal at best. What we do here at Smiley & Smiley LLP is we will analyze your on-the-job-injury case to see if you might be able to bring a lawsuit against what we call a third party, because if you can bring this lawsuit against a third party you could get significant amounts of money and large compensation for the injuries you sustained on the job.

Now, simply put, a third party is anyone but your employer. Now, we've had many, many cases at our firm where the client thought it was a simple, on-the-job injury, Workers' Compensation case and we were able to figure out, depending on the facts and circumstances, a third party to bring a lawsuit against and we've gotten our clients substantial sums of money.

So if you've been injured on the job you may not be limited to Workers' Compensation benefits. Call us. We will review the facts and circumstances of your injury for free and if we determine that there is a third party action to bring we will bring that lawsuit and we will represent you and we will not take a fee unless we are successful.

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