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Male: Smiley & Smiley LLP is one of the nation's leading firms when it comes to handling dental malpractice cases involving permanent nerve injuries. There are various nerves that run through the jaw and the floor of the mouth that bring sensation to the lip, the chin, and the tongue and when a dentist messes up and goes in to do an implant procedure or an extraction procedure and cuts or traumatizes one of these nerves the patient ends up suffering from a permanent, horrible nerve injury where they lose the sensation to their lip, tongue, or chin.

We have an expertise in this area and we've gotten fantastic results. At our firm we know the anatomy, the procedures and the medicine better than anybody else when it comes to these cases. We've gotten great results by settlement and by verdict.

If you have suffered a permanent nerve injury as a result of a dental procedure, if you've been injured by a dentist, give us a call. We'll review your case at no fee and if we do take on your case we won't charge a fee unless we win.

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