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RELEASED: October 29, 2012

NEW YORK- Everyone wants to trust in their doctor's ability to diagnose disease and render the appropriate care. Unfortunately, medical negligence all too often results in a patient's death or serious injury.

When this happens, injured patients and the survivors of deceased patients are empowered to seek compensation in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Although no amount of money can ever undo the harm that was caused, malpractice lawsuits serve to hold negligent caregivers accountable while providing injured patients and their families with the compensation they need to recover from their loss.

This year, the attorneys at Smiley & Smiley, LLP - one of New York City's leading medical malpractice law firms - recovered major settlements in five major medical malpractice actions. Of course, every case is different and no outcomes are guaranteed. However, these settlements serve as a reminder that justice can be done, even in the face of significant losses.

$3.75 Million for death caused by failure to notify patient of biopsy results: This case involved a patient who died from prostate cancer. Although he underwent a biopsy, the urologist failed to notify the patient of the result. He did not learn of his cancer until two years later. As such, he was deprived of the opportunity to receive potentially life-saving treatment.

$1.85 Million for death caused by the failure to properly follow up and treat a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer: The woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by her regular gynecologist and referred to a specialist for further treatment. The specialist performed surgery on the woman to remove her ovaries and uterus but did not order the required chemotherapy treatment after the surgery. Unfortunately, after 18 months the cancer spread throughout the woman's body and she died from metastatic ovarian cancer.

$1.75 Million for death caused failure to diagnose cervical cancer: The woman at the center of this case died as a result of her gynecologist's failure to diagnose and treat her cervical cancer in a timely manner. The attorneys at Smiley & Smiley were able to secure a settlement on behalf of the woman's husband and three children less than one year after the lawsuit was commenced.

$1.29 Million for injury caused by failure to prevent retinal detachment: This case involved a patient who made repeated visits to his ophthalmologist because of deteriorating vision. The doctor failed to notice the patient had a detached retina. As a result, the patient was rendered permanently blind in one eye.

$775,000 for injury caused by failure to diagnose laryngeal cancer: The plaintiff in this case had to have his larynx removed because of his doctor's failure to diagnose cancer. The evidence in the case showed that the cancer could likely have been treated had the doctor caught it earlier.

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