One of the more interesting things about modern technology is that you can be caught doing something fairly stupid, perhaps even dangerous, and have it broadcast to the world. And in many cases, it can cost you your job.

That's what is happening with the New York City Transit Authority, where several employees have been captured on film or on video by riders armed with cell phones. In one case, a train motorman was filmed texting on his cell phone while operating his train. He only stopped once he realized he had been caught on film.

The Transit Authority says it has a zero-tolerance policy against using cell phones on the job, including texting, and it is a fireable offense. For the hapless motorman, his job is now on the line once he goes through a standard disciplinary action.

However, the motorman was not the only Transit employee who can't keep his hands off his phone. The Transit Authority says it has caught 178 bus drivers who texted while driving on New York's busy streets and another 14 who were either eating or reading while driving. In one case, a bus driver who was disciplined and suspended for texting while driving returned to work. On his first day back, he caused a bus accident and killed a man - because he was texting and driving.

Given the added danger of distracted bus drivers or train operators, officials suggest that riders use extra caution and refrain from running for a bus, the drive of which may not be aware of the runner. Running and crossing a busy street in a hurry is a problem if the driver is preoccupied.

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