New York City has more than eight million residents, and each year thousands are injured or killed in auto and truck accidents simply by crossing the street. That's why the city recently unveiled a new study that provided a list of more than 1,500 streets deemed dangerous and in need of upgrades.

According to the report, pedestrian deaths and injuries are caused by several factors, including speeding and failing to yield to persons crossing the street. In addition, numerous accidents were caused by inattentive drivers along streets and avenues with multiple lanes.

Among those streets identified as dangerous, many are located in busy Manhattan. On the Upper West Side, near West 71 Street as it crosses Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway, city officials plan to fix the crosswalk by adding new signal lamps that will count the seconds remaining before the light turns red. In fact, New York plans to add 1,500 similar signal lamps at intersections throughout the city after a pilot program showed that using the signals noticeably reduced pedestrian accidents. The city will also add islands, particularly along the Upper West Side, where pedestrians can walk safely. The announcement was made by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg following the long-awaited conclusion to the study, which was advertised as the most comprehensive to date.

In addition to identifying dangerous roads and intersections, the study also suggests additional safety measures, such as speed limits that do not exceed 20 mph and road redesigns. The study reviewed records from more than 7,000 crashes in New York and is among the most comprehensive pedestrian studies in the nation.

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