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If you believe that you or a loved one was injured by medical malpractice, the idea of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be overwhelming. Yet medical malpractice law is, in its essence, rather straightforward. If a doctor, hospital or another health care provider fails to follow standard medical procedures, they can be held accountable for any resulting injuries or fatalities.

At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, our attorneys have the experience and skill to help you seek the sort of compensation you need and deserve. We will help you understand the process and provide you an upfront analysis concerning your best chances for a successful conclusion of your case.

Extensive Experience In Trying Medical Malpractice Cases

At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, our New York City medical malpractice attorneys have handled more than 1,000 medical malpractice cases over 80 combined years. We draw on our decades of courtroom litigation skills, and work with an established network of medical experts to prove fault and the extent of damages our clients have endured in complex medical malpractice claims, involving:

If you or your loved one suffered serious injuries or died tragically because of physician negligence, secure experienced legal counsel to assert your legal rights. Medical malpractice claims are highly complex. Contact our NYC personal injury attorneys to learn how our experience and legal skills can help you secure the compensation to which you are entitled.

Medical Malpractice Results You Can Trust

At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, we have decades of experience securing millions of dollars for families with fatal accident claims and medical malpractice accident victims such as:

  • Our law firm secured $3.75 million for a family who lost a husband and father after a urologist failed to notify them of prostate biopsy results that were positive for cancer.
  • We secured $1.85 million for a family after a gynecologist failed to order the required chemotherapy treatment for a woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After 18 months, the cancer spread and the woman passed away from metastatic ovarian cancer.
  • Our client had a standard in-office surgical procedure, which was performed incorrectly. This caused our client to lose sensation and function of his arm. The defendant agreed to settle the case for $1.2 million.
  • Our client suffered permanent brain damage after doctors failed to diagnose and treat a brain aneurysm. We obtained an out-of-court settlement of $2.25 million.
  • Our client's family member was just 39 years old when doctors failed to diagnose sarcoidosis. The doctors overlooked standard procedures and avoided performing a routine X-ray. We obtained a $1.5 million award for our client.
  • Our 52-year-old client suffered the loss of his voice box, after his doctor failed to diagnose laryngeal cancer. We secured $775,000 for our client, after proving the cancer could have been treated successfully if it was diagnosed in a timely manner.
  • Our 35-year-old client sustained an eye injury that required treatment and follow-up care by an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist failed to take appropriate measures and failed to diagnose that the retina detached. We were able to secure $1.29 million after our client became blind in one eye.

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