Season 2 - Episode 5

CLE: Working with Experts

October 13, 2020
Season 2 - Episode 6: Coming Soon

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CLE: Working with Experts

In Episode 5 of Season 2 of The Mentor Esq., "Working with Experts", learn how to effectively use experts to build and win your case. Past President of The New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, Andrew Smiley, will show you how to utilize experts to build a strong liability and damages case. This course will cover the effective use of experts in the field of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, human factors, economics, vocational assessments, life care plans, and many more!

We would also like to thank the NYS Academy of Trial Lawyers as this episode is also available for FREE Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit. We encourage you to consider joining the Academy so that you can access all of their resources (including much more CLE) for FREE.

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Show Notes:
When do you need an expert
Can experts remain anonymous?
Human Factors & Biomechanical Experts
What's my case worth?
Q&A Section