Season 1

Episode 8: Let’s Talk LGBTQ, Surrogacy, Family Protection with Anthony M. Brown, Esq.

November 19, 2019
Episode 9: Killer Cross Examinations: How to Prepare and Execute
November 26, 2019

Episode Preview

Let’s Talk LGBTQ, Surrogacy, Family Protection with Anthony M. Brown, Esq

In this episode, Andrew welcomes back Anthony Brown, Esq. to discuss LGBTQ, Surrogacy, and Family Protection along with the issues, tensions and underlying insecurity that unfortunately exists today. Anthony talks about how he handles these unique cases in various states. Andrew and Anthony dive into how family law is all based on State Law, how it can affect your legal rights and what you need to know if you are considering starting a family as a gay couple or a single person.

Anthony dives into various options for surrogacy, the possible outcomes, key information that should be considered and why consulting legal council is so important when going through this process. Anthony recalls “The Baby M” case and how it has impacted current laws and LGBTQ rights.

Andrew and Anthony will cover the not-so-pleasant side of the conversation and tackle the negative stigmas and perceptions surrounding these topics. With Anthony’s extensive work in this field of law, he sets the record straight and provides thought provoking insight and stories form his own personal work, the experiences of his clients and surrogates alike.

The podcast closes with the gentlemen discussing the differences between adoption and surrogacy, covering topics from personal to legal views. You don’t want to miss this in-depth learning experience and Anthony’s unique take on these cases.

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Show Notes:
Surrogacy and Favorable State Laws
“The Baby M Case”
Negative Stigmas Around Surrogacy
Gay Couples Adopting Children