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Episode 7: Powerful Opening Statements: How To Prepare and Deliver

November 12, 2019
Episode 8: Let’s Talk LGBTQ, Surrogacy, Family Protection with Anthony M. Brown, Esq.
November 19, 2019

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Powerful Opening Statements: How To Prepare and Deliver

In this episode, Andrew spends valuable time diving into must-have trial skills that all lawyers will need to master and continue to master. Today, Andrew will discuss key tips on how to prepare and deliver Powerful Opening Statements. It is absolutely crucial to deliver a Powerful Opening Statement as it’s the first impression you have on the judge, jury, defense, and it directly correlates to the probability of you reaching a success resolution for your client. The opening statement is literally the foundation of your entire case, it’s a true make or break moment. If the opening statement goes poorly, it will be an absolute struggle and uphill battle to not only save your professionalism and credibility but increases the amount of energy needed to persuade the judge or jury.

Andrew will go over tips and trick to allow you to learn the art of public speaking that everyone can do, regardless if you are shy or your limited experience in the courtroom or classroom. Andrew will also go over common techniques that you know and have most likely tried that will not work but rather set you up for failure. He will help you correct these common mistakes to help you deliver a more powerful opening statement.

Andrew will also give you his tried and true methodology for success using his preparation template. He will go step by step through the strategies and processes he implements on very case he takes to trial and that has helped him win multi-million-dollar cases. Andrew will also dive into real-world examples of struggles that all law students, professors and colleagues can relate to.

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Show Notes:
It’s important to set the tone right
You won’t need your notes if you prepare correctly
My proven structure to my opening statements
The brief overview of who your client is
It’s not only how you speak; it’s how you present yourself