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Episode 5: Talking Civil Rights and more with Royce Russell, Esq.

October 29, 2019
Episode 6: Triumphs & Struggles of Women in Law with Aimee Richter
November 5, 2019

Episode Preview

Talking Civil Rights and more with Royce Russell, Esq.

In this episode, Andrew welcomes his colleague Royce Russell, Esq.  Royce is a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer that specializes in Criminal Defense, False Arrest/Police Brutality, Civil Rights Violations, Immigration, Contracts, Employment Law and Trademark Litigation. He has represented individuals on a variety of matters in Federal and State Court from Criminal Investigations, to Trials.

Royce’s expertise in Immigration law has allowed him to serve as a consultant for his colleagues on criminal matters with immigration consequences. From Naturalization, Adjustment of Status to Removal/Deportation proceedings he has litigated immigration cases in Federal and various State courts. Minimizing his clients’ exposure to risk in criminal and immigration matters is of most concern — author of Cardiac Arrest: A Tactical Guide on How To Handle Unlawful Police Stops.

Royce will go through his unique background so you can understand fully who Royce Russell is, and why is one of the leading lawyers in his specific area of law. He has a unique views and experiences which begins with Royce growing up in the under-serviced St. Mary’s in the Bronx and led him to his journey to legal greatness.

Royce will dive deep into tips that everyone needs to hear when being involved with law enforcement if you are fearful for your safety or you feel your civil rights is being violated. This episode is action packed with crucial information that can not only save your life, but the lives or your community members and family.

The Podcast closes with Royce and Andrew discussing the importance of a Mentor and how that translates in crucial skills you can’t learn in law school such as having a honest attorney-client relationship that will afford you great successes and respect from your colleagues.

To contact Royce, please either call (718) 292-1244, email or visit

Show Notes:
Who is Royce
Civil Rights and tips you need to know
Friends in Law School to Royce’s mentors
How Royce defines a successful attorney