Failure to Diagnose Prostate Cancer

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As you may have recently learned under tragic circumstances, prostate cancer can spread extremely quickly.

While many advances have been made in screening for and treating prostate cancer, men struck by this disease still depend on their physicians to order the right tests, interpret them and act on results in a diligent and timely manner.

Was your prostate cancer — or a loved one's — allowed to spread due to your doctor's failure to diagnose it? Were signs such as high PSA levels discovered in blood work or lumps detectable in a rectal exam ignored or overlooked by medical personnel?

At Smiley & Smiley, LLP, in Midtown Manhattan, we are prepared to thoroughly evaluate your potential case.

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Recent Case Result Regarding Failure To Diagnose Prostate Cancer:

$3.75 million for death caused by failure to notify patient of biopsy results: This case involved a patient who died from prostate cancer.

Although he underwent a biopsy, the urologist failed to notify the patient of the result. He did not learn of his cancer until two years later. As such, he was deprived of the opportunity to receive potentially life-saving treatment.

Our attorneys have handled more than 1,000 medical malpractice cases, and we work with an established network of medical experts to analyze complex claims and build strong cases.

Many of our successful litigation efforts for medical negligence victims have arisen from failures to diagnose illness, including our recovery of a $1 million settlement on behalf of a 60-year-old man whose prostate cancer was not properly diagnosed and treated.

Taking Action For Victims And Families After Serious Medical Mistakes

A New York City prostate cancer attorney at our firm will hear you out on what happened and where your health stands today. A failure to diagnose cancer of the prostate and offer proper, timely treatment may be legally actionable. It may involve mistakes such as:

  • Failure to follow up on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels of 4.0 or above by ordering further tests or providing a referral to a urologist
  • Missing a PSA test result altogether, potentially allowing disease to advance until the next routine checkup or exam
  • Failures to advise prostate cancer patients of viable treatment options that may include prostatectomy, radiation or chemical treatments
  • Delayed treatment allowing the cancer to metastasize and spread to other organs such as the liver

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