Personal Trainer Negligence

New York Personal Trainer Negligence Attorney

Serious injuries at a gym or anywhere else when working out with a personal trainer are cause for real consideration of your legal options. What did the trainer do to prevent your injuries? Were you warned of risks? Do you know the personal trainer's professional qualifications or the fitness center's hiring policies?

Through involvement in personal trainer negligence cases and research in this relatively new legal area, our partner attorney Andrew J. Smiley has gained a level of knowledge enabling him to offer legal education on the subject. We encourage you to contact us about a gym injury that may have been caused by negligence anywhere in the five boroughs or surrounding counties.

The Failure Of A Trainer To Meet A Reasonable Standard Of Care

Our firm has handled personal trainer negligence claims after people were hurt doing the wrong exercises, being pushed beyond their capacity or without guidance based on a sound health assessment. We are prepared to hold gyms and personal trainers accountable for:

  • Negligent hiring, training and supervision practices on the part of the gym.
  • Actions by unqualified or underqualified personal trainers — such as failing to take a medical history or develop an essential training program design.
  • Failures in spotting or other direct negligence enabling a serious orthopedic injury or other severe consequences.

Knowledgeable, Determined NYC Trainer Negligence Lawyer

Our New York personal trainer negligence lawyers believe in the importance of exposing dangers when dealing with gym contracts and training centers. We have the knowledge to determine if you were exposed to serious injury by an individual without professional certification, a fitness company focused on profits over safety or both.

We are prepared to evaluate home training and hotel cases as well as gym injuries. Simply stated, if you were injured during a training session and your personal trainer was negligent, you may have a viable claim for damages. In serious injury cases, this may include recovery of damages for lost consortium with a loved one as well as medical expenses, lost wages and other costs.

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