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Injuries to non-citizens and non-residents of NYC: Part I

New York City is a bastion of tourism, and millions of people from across the country and around the world make the pilgrimage to visit each year. There really is something here for everyone, from Broadway shows and world-class dining to high-end shopping and renowned museums and galleries.

A primer on New York boating accidents

Now that Memorial Day - the unofficial start to summer - has come and gone, traffic on the lakes, rivers and other waterways of New York will steadily increase as people get out to enjoy good weather and good times on a boat or personal watercraft. The fact that hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists own boats, jet skis and other personal water craft is a testament to their popularity and lasting appeal.

Andrew Smiley Quoted by Consumer Eagle for a Personal Trainer Negligence Article

Last month, Mr. Andrew Smiley was asked to contribute to an article at Consumer Eagle about how personal trainers don't have an official competency minimum when being employed in these positions, and the dangers that arise from such a situation.

Asbestos fraud concerns stir up questionable controversy

Some personal injury cases are clear and immediate in their impact. For example, an individual who becomes paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver can demonstrate clear causation of his or her immediate injury. However, some personal injury cases are not so easy to connect. For example, cases involving injury from asbestos exposure can take a great deal of evidence gathering and consideration to prove.

Preventing blizzard-related death and injury

The Northeast was hit by an intense blizzard earlier this month. An unacceptable number of preventable deaths was caused by this blizzard. Though this winter season is winding down, it is never too early to learn how to prevent deaths and catastrophic injuries from causes related to winter weather next year.

Subway safety contemplated by NYC officials

The New York subway system is the busiest in the nation and one of the busiest in the world. Each year, approximately 1.6 billion rides are taken on NYC subway lines. As a simple percentage, the 55 individuals who died in New York subway accidents last year seems like a small number in comparison to the number of rides taken. However, each of those 55 individuals was someone. Each was someone who deserved to be protected by the city from a fatal subway accident.

Words in the wake of Superstorm Sandy

It can be difficult to know what to say to loved ones and to the community after disaster strikes. As a personal injury law firm, we often serve as witnesses and as advocates for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and for loved ones coping with the wrongful death of a family member as a result of another's negligence. Though it is an honor to serve those who are grieving, it never becomes an easy task.

Asbestos Exposure: Cause of Mesothelioma and Other Cancers

Asbestos is a natural mineral known for its high-tension strength, heat resistance and fireproof properties. It is widely used commercially. The mineral is also mined and sold as building material. However, asbestos is also an extremely hazardous substance. Readers may be alarmed to discover that asbestos is the cause of increasing rates of mesothelioma and several other types of cancer in the U.S.

Prayer Versus Medical Care - Negligent Parents Let Their Daughter Die Before Their Eyes

A disgusting story hit the news yesterday and fortunately I had the opportunity to air my displeasure to the nation on the Fox News Network.  Parents in Wisconsin failed to take their 11 year old daughter to a doctor when she became deathly ill from diabetes.  Instead of seeking medical care for a completely treatable medical condition ...they held hands and prayed, convinced that the power of prayer would heal their child.  The facts of this case disgust me on a personal as well as professional level.  As a lawyer who has spent my entire professional career representing those who have been injured by negligence and as a father of a young girl, it is unfathomable to me that parents could watch their own child die an excruciating death of vomiting, loss of appetite, sleepless nights and fever for over the course of 30 days without even calling a doctor or dialing 911.  As I  stated on television  these people should be tarred and feathered.  Do you think I was too harsh with my comments on Fox News? I don't think so!

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