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When Fast Delivery Means Danger for Cyclists

Listing the ways in which New York is both unique and truly great would require far more time and space than a blog post could occupy. Because it is not just the individual museums and monuments, theaters and restaurants, stores and green spaces that define the wonder of NYC. It is also the little things. Like, being able to get piping hot pizza delivered to your door at two in the morning by an optimistic young struggling actor traveling by bicycle.

Cycling Safety Culture in NYC Is Starting to Change: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about cycling safety culture in New York City. In an effort to reduce the prevalence of bicycle accidents in NYC, the Bloomberg administration has insisted that hundreds of miles of bike lanes be painted onto the streets of the city. While not everyone initially welcomed the change, public opinion seems to be shifting in favor of safety for cyclists over more room for motor vehicles.

Cycling Safety Culture in NYC Is Starting to Change: Part I

The crowded streets of New York have been an inspiration for authors, artists, architects and "average Joes" for generations. The controlled chaos of the Manhattan grid is awe-inspiring, with its ever evolving population of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on the move.

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